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We offer services and products to Residential and Commercial whether it be new construction or remodeling.

  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Carpeting
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Grout Sealing
  • Tile Restoration
  • Tile & Marble Installation
  • Shower Tile Installation
  • Baseboard & Mouldings
  • Marble polishing
  • Call and Ask!

Hardwood Floor Installation

Our employees are the installers who have your best interest in mind. We have built our business on repeat and referral and that is why it is important to us and our installers that we complete our jobs professionally and on time.

Tile & Marble

We install everything from floors, walls, back splashes and bathrooms, to patios and even mosaics to 24 x 24.

Carpet Installation

We can pull up the old carpet and install new carpet in one day, base on your yardage. Our attention to detail has separatedus from other carpet installation businesses, performing above the customers expectations. We can install woven, wilton weave, action back and soft back over pad and vinyl back, carpet tile or action back carpet as direct glue down.

Grout Sealing

For starters, light color grouts are the most popular used today and we all know light colors show dirt. Second, grout is porous, which means it is susceptible to staining. Light colors + porous grout = higher maintenance. Third, if you don’t seal the grout when it is new and it becomes dirty, additional expenses will be applied to clean the grout prior to the application of the sealer. When grout gets dirty, it may never have the luster it once had when it was new.

Remember, preventative maintenance is the key to the longevity of your new grout!

How does the sealer work?

When applied properly, the sealer penetrates the grout and hardens, making the grout less porous and more resistant to dirt and staining. Thus, allowing longer clean up time for stubborn spills such as fruit juices and pet urine.

How long does the sealer last?

The life of your sealer will vary from job to job depending on the variables. High traffic, pet urine, harsh detergents and poor maintenance will decrease the life of your sealer by a few years. With perfect conditions your sealer could last up to 10 years.

Is it affordable?

Yes, very affordable. Materials, sealer, and installation start at around 50 cents per square foot.

Will the sealer turn my grout yellow?

Absolutely not! I use only the best sealers available on the market today.

What is Color Sealer?

Color Sealer is a long lasting wear resistant grout stain that is applied to the grout. Color Sealer is glare FREE and dries to a matte finish to maintain the granular appearance of grout. It provides a uniform color to any color grout and is available in over 35 colors. Therefore, keeping your original color or changing to a new color is very easy.

Why should I color seal my grout?

  • Current grout stains easily
  • Unable to clean grout
  • Extreme shading in grout color
  • Desire to change current grout color
  • Easy maintenance for future cleaning
  • Pets or high traffic

What are the advantages of color sealing?

  • Grout is no longer porous and cleans easily
  • No more need for strong chemicals
  • Resistant to pet urine
  • Does not chip, peel or fade over time
  • Gives new look to old floor
  • Full 5 year warranty

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